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“Bicycle Trip 1982-83” ranked high in the tategaki-bunko library of Japan

“Bicycle Trip 1982-83” ranked high in the April ranking among the Tategaki-bunko* readers. It is rare, though, for recent submitted works to rank among the monthly top 10 in the overall ranking of the bunko, which houses not only novels written in and after the Meiji period or translated works but recent works submitted by authors not well-known to the world.

The table below shows the rankings of the bunko in April 2022. Click on the title of a work to read it as if it were an e-book. Clicking on an author’s name will display all works by that author included in the bunko, which allows you to read most works in Japanese by well-known authors as well as western literatures and others translated into Japanese.

*Tategaki-bunko is a cyber library and literally means vertical writing library.

book titleauthorpp**
380日間世界一周J. ヴェルヌ915
6方法序説R. デカルト524
8ダブリンの人たちJ. ジョイス228
11三太郎の日記 第三阿部次郎204
**number of pages read by readers in April 2022

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